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PLuriel's mission is to commit to materialise your vision!

Our promise is to dissect your content, script the learning and integrate it into an interactive platform to make skill development more effective!

Your vision will be carried out more globally, morequickly!
When collaborating with our team, our values will align with yours!

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The versatility and expertise of Pluriel Studio’s team will accompany you in all your training projects. Whether delivering a turnkey project or providing our expertise for specific aspects of your projects, we are ready to help you tackle your creative challenges—no matter their complexity or size.

Our customized offerwill meet your needs—no matter what your challenges are!

More specifically, we can help you in…

Analyze your training needs

The use of a reliable and recognized conceptual model, such as the SOMA model (Legendre), allows us to identify the important factors to be considered in relation to the subject (learners), the object (training content), the agent (teaching method) and the environment. Our analysis methods allow us to precisely target the skills that need to be improved in order to offer training that has a real impact on your organization.

Designing your training systems

Whether the answer to your needs lies in an e-learning type of training, in a blended training course or in a course entirely carried out by expert facilitators, we can help you build training journeys that will adapt to your constraints, while applying the most up-to-date approaches in the fields of pedagogy and andragogy.

Producing your multimedia creations

Whether you need a simple reference document, an interactive online training course or a serious game, or whether you want to produce a motion design web series containing several episodes, we will create the product that will bring a breath of fresh air and originality to your organization.

Evaluating your training and its impact on your company

Depending on the level of complexity of the answers you wish to obtain, whether it be through the rapid efficiency of Kirkpatrick’s model or the exhaustiveness of Messick’s model, we will be able to guide you with accuracy and enthusiasm in the evaluation of your training systems.

Managing your training projects through our experience in the field

Depending on the nature of the project and the constraints to which you are subject or on the processes established within your teams, we will be able to adapt our project management method to facilitate the implementation of your training projects. Whether you opt for the ADDIE method, or want to try out more agile methods such as SAM, we will be able to guide you in the management of your training projects

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